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Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to integrate  the arts into children life with the following objectives: defend the rights of children, promote their human education through art, uphold childhood values, and maintain solidarity with and commitment to children as a whole through painting, drawing, and creativity.

  • To approach to their paintings is to want participate in their existence.
  • A child's experience is the crossroad between a scrawl and the imagination.
  • Over Thirty years of History seen through the eyes of children.
  • To paint is to dream and to wake up in a world of color.
  • A child paints to speak about his reality, and he creates in order to be happy.
  • The symbol of painting reveals the innocent personality of a child.
  • The world of children is how they imagine it, not as they see it.
  • If there is something truly universal, it is a child.
  • An outburst of sincerity occurs where there are children.
  • A corner for the discoveries; Paint one world, they built the future.

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