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What is the QSCAM?

In fostering and promoting culture and the arts, along with a special devotion to childhood and youth, the Gabarron Foundation created the Queen Sophia Children’s Art Museum (QSCAM), one of the first museums in the world dedicated to children’s art. This vast international legacy began thirty-seven years ago with the Children’s Annual Art Contest of AMADE-Spain, and houses 45,000 works from over fifty countries around the world.

The QSCAM collection is unique in the world, and its permanent headquarters in the Gabarron Foundation Museum in Valladolid makes it one of the best global references for children’s art museums. This unique and remarkable collection has become an exceptional legacy due to its diversity, vision, and richness of expression, which offers a wonderful mosaic of cultures, religions, societies and generations.

The QSCAM promotes childhood education and development in its child psychology department, which specializes in the emotional and creative development of children; children’s art workshops; and special classrooms of culture for kids, parents, tutors and teachers.


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